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From the onset, Promote On Purpose set a bold vision: To revolutionize the way brands grow.

Every GET Noticed and GET Revenue project includes the Shared Performance Guarantee which states: We guarantee, in writing, that we will achieve a 2X ROI (i.e. generate 2 times in revenue what you pay for our services) by the 3rd month, or we’ll work for free until we do.

Why are we so bold? Because we deliver results. Period.

The basis for Promote On Purpose programs is Authentic Demand Generation™ – a science created by Terri Maxwell rooted in proven, repeatable formulas. This is not a subjective approach. The business growth solution Maxwell created brings together authentic promotion methodology, coupled with sophisticated ROI algorithms to tie marketing activities to actual revenue delivered.

We only work with ONE brand in each market segment. If you’re ready to amplify your vision, contact us TODAY.

Core Brand Values



We LOVE to win; Growing brands is our passion.



We’re always looking for new tools and better ways.



We LOVE to solve problems.



We’re real, and we just add value, period.

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