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SITUATION:  For Key-Whitman, securing earned media in a crowded ophthalmology practice space was a challenge. Key-Whitman wanted more than brand promotion. They wanted to tell their story in an authentic way.

APPROACH: SMART Content Stories featured Key-Whitman doctors as subject matter experts on relevant trending topics. Key-Whitman was positioned as an authoritative voice that offered real solutions to their prospective patients. These same stories were pitched to local media to further build trust and differentiate the brand from the competition.

IMPACT: SMART Content Stories like “Flesh-Eating Bacteria” Eye Infection – You’re More At Risk Than You Know, Serving Those Who Served America: Key-Whitman Tapped to Expedite Vision Care for DFW Veterans, and Do Eye Health Apps Do More Harm Than Good?
3 Eye-Popping Facts You Should Know
led to consistent news coverage in Dallas Morning News, KERA-FM, WFAA-TV, WBAP-AM, KRLD-AM and KLIF-AM.

Key Whitman was a client partner for over 4 years.

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SITUATION:  Texas Back Institute (TBI), one of the premier spinal care authorities in Texas, wanted to position its brand as the leading authority on ALL back-related issues, while differentiating itself from competitors.

APPROACH: Using our GET Media solution, TBI became THE subject matter expert on topics, potential patients cared about.

TBI doctors are now frequently asked to comment on local and regional media stories. They have successfully amplified their vision and elevated their brand as thought leaders, and the media recognizes them as a valuable source of expertise.

IMPACT: In SMART Content Stories like Tiger’s Back in Pain and Out of the Masters, Stand up Straight! Why Your Mother Was Right About Posture, and Text Neck: It’s Nothing to LOL About, TBI provides an authoritative perspective, leading to news coverage with Dallas Morning News, KRLD-AM, WBAP-AM, KLIF-AM and other local outlets.

TBI has been a client partner for nearly 8 years.

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