Portrait Of Call Center Worker Accompanied By His Team. Smiling Customer Support Operator At Work.

What Do Your Customers Need from You Right Now?

A businessman by the name of Gautam Adani once said, “Business is all about risk taking and managing uncertainties and turbulence.” During times of uncertainty, it is very easy for companies to panic and begin making drastic business changes. But…

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Billboards To Illustrate Brand Positioning

Repositioning Your Brand to Increase Its Value

Why are customers willing to pay more for some products, than others? Why are some brands able to generate higher profits than others, even within the same industry? The answer lies not in marketing or advertising strategies, and many times…

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Workplace Culture

Culture Counts When It Comes to Growth

Written by Terri Maxwell There’s a growing sense in most corporations that advertising is becoming less effective. There are many well documented-reasons why this is true, and yet most c-suite executives continue to approve ridiculous advertising budgets year after year.…

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Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Generate an ROI

For over a decade now, marketers have heralded the promise of content marketing as a replacement for digital advertising. Although content certainly has increased web traffic, and organic search, it has yet to deliver a promising ROI for 3 reasons:…

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How to Grow Revenue-You Can’t Sell Without Leads

Businesses are either growing or dying. Like living organisms, businesses need to grow, innovate, rejuvenate and then expand. Although there are times when it makes sense to retreat and pull back, business growth comes from expanding – revenue, profit, services,…

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Three Elements to Consistent Business Growth

Steady revenue and business growth is the best indicator of a healthy business. As a serial entrepreneur and business growth expert, I’ve found three elements contribute to consistent business growth: Identifying Innovators as your Primary Target Market Building a Demand…

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Graphic To Illustrate Sales Growth

The Key to Growth Isn’t More Sales

Despite 8+ years of solid economic growth, both in the US and abroad, most businesses are not consistently growing topline revenues and sales, much less growing profitably. Every business needs to grow, and every C-suite executive makes the same fateful…

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