The Key to Business Growth Isn’t More Sales

Every business needs to grow, and every executive at some point in his or her career makes the same fateful mistake. They assume a new sales leader, sales team or business development strategy will single-handedly kick-start the company’s growth trajectory.…

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How to Reposition Your Brand for Growth in Five Steps

Authenticity is key to profitability in the current consumer marketplace. Today’s customers don’t want the hard sell. They want information and solutions that speak to them and an experience that feels real. Successful brand positioning creates that experience and solidifies…

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20 Entrepreneurs Explain the Best Traits of a Successful Leader

#18- Authenticity, active listening and the ability to inspire performance The most important attributes for a successful leader are: authenticity, active listening and the ability to inspire performance. Most leaders confuse management with leadership. Management is about process, structure, control…

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