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Why You Should Throw SOME But Not ALL Of Your Eggs In The Video Content Basket

Why You Should Throw SOME but Not ALL of Your Eggs in the Video Content Basket

When Mark Zuckerberg speaks, savvy marketers listen. So when the Facebook founder extolled to BuzzFeed News – “I wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video.” – marketing directors racked their brains to figure out how the heck they could afford to produce more video content. Oh, and content writers panicked.

Zuckerberg revealed his revelation to BuzzFeed in April 2016 on the heels of the launch of Facebook Live, which allows just about anybody – or any organization – to broadcast live video 24/7/365. He also told BuzzFeed that teens and young adults were eating up the live video format, which really grabbed the attention of marketers.

This is where we should all take a breath and remember: Jumping to conclusions (with both feet), not doing your research and relying on one-size-fits-all solutions usually are not smart marketing moves.

Video rocks – but there are other vital pieces in the content puzzle you shouldn’t overlook

Assuming that video is the best format for all types of content is a big mistake – even if you’re only targeting that highly attractive – and lucrative – younger audience.

Case in point: A recent Pew Research survey revealed that when it comes to newsy content, younger Americans are more likely than their older counterparts to prefer reading the news to watching it. In fact, 42 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds and 40 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds prefer reading the news, compared to 29 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds, who prefer watching it (52 percent).

It’s important to point out that Pew also asked survey respondents where they wanted to read/watch/listen to news – and 81 percent of young adults prefer reading online vs. in print. Phew!

Analyze your content, then decide which format (or formats) would serve it best

We get it, if you’re reading our blog, you probably focus on marketing a product or service, not reporting the news. But in what category does your content fall? Does it lean closer to:

  • Mimicking adorable cat videos?
  • Spreading the word about the lifestyle that aligns with your brand?
  • Inspiring your fans and followers?
  • Sharing how-to-use-your-product tips?
  • Educating your audience about breaking news in your industry?
  • Publishing new research, insight or a case study from the thought leaders in your organization?

See, all content is not created equal. And it shouldn’t be packaged in a format that doesn’t serve that content well or appeal to your audience.

As an executive, if you want your company to be visible to your target market, your marketing team should deploy a strategy that includes a mix of written content, static images, video content and podcasts that aligns with the type of content your target market prefers to consume.

So how can you produce the right balance of content for your brand?

  1. Make a list of the different types of information you want to share with your audience (i.e., breaking news, company activities/events, research, interviews with thought leaders/customers, how-to tips, product reviews, branding pieces, motivational thoughts, etc.).
  1. Choose the format that will suit that content best (you can choose more than one).
  1. Poll your customers and/or prospects to find out what type of content they prefer, under what circumstances, when and where (social media, email, podcast, blog, print via snail mail, etc.).
  1. Rinse and repeat. Live video, SnapChat and virtual reality are all popular among young adults today, but what revelation will be the next best thing? The times they are always a changin’ – and innovative business leaders consistently change their approach to marketing with the times.

Get ready for more changes to come

One thing we know for sure is how companies market today is vastly different than how they marketed even five years ago. Suffice it to say, how products and services will be marketed tomorrow will be surprisingly different than today, and we can’t wait!

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