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3 Signs It’s Time To Outsource – Or Move – Your Lead Generation Program

3 Signs It’s Time to Outsource – or Move – Your Lead Generation Program

Are you a senior executive who wonders why your organization’s lead generation program is coming up short? Are you perplexed, because you’ve been told that your lead gen program is generating tons of leads, yet your company’s sales remain flat?

If the following three signs sound familiar, maybe it’s time to do something different.

Sign No. 1: You get plenty of website traffic stats but no concrete lead or revenue results.

Let’s set the stage … You just received a new update on your company’s lead generation program. The report is filled with traffic stats like website hits, time on page, bounce rate, Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and the like.

Yet little to no mention is made of the number of leads produced, sales closed and most important – revenue generated. If your team (or lead generation vendor) is more focused on traffic stats than revenue results, it’s time to make a change and set up your business for a winning season.

Most demand generation programs measure leads, not revenue. BIG mistake. If your demand generation partner is not tracking performance to REVENUE (much less guaranteeing results!), then it might be time to make a change.

Sign No. 2: There is no clear methodology that directly correlates website traffic to leads or leads to revenue results.

It’s easy to talk about the sales funnel, or leads going into the sales funnel, but what happens to those leads once you have them? Most lead generation programs fail because there is no methodology to move those valuable leads from awareness to motivated to buy and then to sale closed.

Think about the last time you purchased a new car. You were excited about Brand X, drove down to the dealership and even took a test drive. Then your life got busy, a few months passed, and you never heard a peep from the dealership to follow up on your interest. Now, Brand Y just released a new model, your interest in Brand X is gone, and the Brand Y dealership sells you a car.

Brand X didn’t keep you engaged through the sales cycle – so they lost your business. A successful lead generation strategy includes the practice of continually dripping authentic content throughout the duration of the sales cycle – until the prospect is motivated to take action, or at a minimum, appreciates your interest in them and values the information you shared during the process.

Lead generation MUST include relationship-building content, because very few of your leads will be READY to buy from the beginning of the demand generation process.

Promote on Purpose never lets leads slip through the cracks, not just because of our process, but because we guarantee REVENUE, not leads.

Our team continues to provide valuable information to the lead until the prospect is motivated to act. Furthermore, we built a model that correlates website traffic to leads and leads to revenue.

Learn about the importance of brand authenticity in this recent post from Promote on Purpose CEO Terri Maxwell: Truth Sells: Five Keys to Authentic Promotion.

Sign No. 3: Your sales team complains about the quality of leads, and your marketing team complains that the sales team isn’t following up on leads.

Sound familiar? If you want your lead generation program to deliver real results, the goals of your lead gen program MUST align to the goals of your sales team. Period.

One key component of a successful lead generation program is a well-defined process that targets – then nurtures – qualified leads. However, the most important metric you measure shouldn’t be the number of leads or even the number of qualified leads generated.

The metric that really matters is the amount of revenue generated.

Our team never focuses on whether the sales team is following up on leads or even the number of leads generated – as both of these are simply leading indicators. Instead, we focus on delivering revenue based ROI and devise a strategy to reach or exceed the revenue goal.

Keep your eye on the prize – REVENUE

Focusing on clicks, likes and even leads won’t deliver the ROI you need to maintain a competitive edge. A more effective model is a shared performance model, where sales, marketing and your lead generation team are all focused on the ultimate goal – driving revenue.

To learn how Promote on Purpose has helped other innovative CEOs and business owners reach the ultimate goal – GET MORE REVENUE – contact us. Give us a call at (844) 808.ECHO (3246) or visit the Promote on Purpose Contact page to connect with us online.

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