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Content Is Still King: The Two Crucial Elements Of Using Content For Growth

Content Is Still King: The Two Crucial Elements of Using Content for Growth

Social media and emerging technological trends continue to change how businesses and consumers interact online, but one thing remains the same: Content is still king. That is, if it’s done correctly.

Great content is more than advertising. It’s bigger than brand positioning. Done well, content is your brand’s most effective relationship builder.

Great content engages your audience and fosters trust. It puts your brand at the forefront of your target audience’s mind and keeps it there so that your customers come directly to you when they’re ready to buy. When distributed effectively, it also produces quantifiable results that translate into increased revenue. Just ask Glossier founder and CEO Emily Weiss.

Weiss has managed to triple Glossier’s active customer count and achieve a 65 percent conversion rate, while growing revenues 600 percent year over year, simply by using content effectively. In an industry long accustomed to selling, Weiss changed it up by listening and engaging. She created honest content that made women feel good and united, the kind of content they wanted to read and share. The kind of content called “great.”

If you’re struggling to see results from your content strategy, it is because you’re missing one of these key pieces: You either aren’t creating great content — the kind your audience cares about and wants to share — or you aren’t distributing your content effectively.

Your target market is inundated with content online. Articles, videos, and social media messages constantly vie for attention. Great content coupled with strategic distribution stands out, gets you noticed, and gets results.

Creating Great Content

To create great content, you must produce content that resonates with your audience. Content that resonates doesn’t sell. It doesn’t push. It serves.

Great content isn’t about what you’re selling or how you’re selling it. It’s about spreading information that helps your market use your product or solution in the way they’re already using it. Wholly Guacamole, for example, started including recipes on their website that helped consumers visualize the multiple ways to use and eat guacamole. That strategy is one of the reasons for the brand’s success.

Rather than thinking about your product or solution in the way you want to sell it, take your customer’s perspective and offer information and tips that help them use your solution or product more effectively. That’s the kind of content that builds relationships and inspires loyalty. That’s great content.

Optimizing Content Distribution

Even great content can’t distribute itself, however. Getting your content in front of the right people in the right way takes a dedicated, creative distribution strategy. Hiring experts to help with this step is crucial to success. Brands often try to distribute their content themselves, which leads to mediocre results and a loss of interest in the overall strategy.

You can’t make people buy, but you can make them aware that you exist. In fact, awareness should be the first step in your distribution strategy. If your target audience doesn’t know who you are, they’re not going to trust what you have to say — even if you manage to get your content seen. An effective distribution strategy builds up your brand awareness and then optimizes the distribution of your content. Coupled with great content, that’s how you get results.

Looking for an expert distribution solution that gets you noticed and offers guaranteed growth?

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