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Top 5 Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business In 2021

Top 5 Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2021

It’s finally December which means your business just about survived 2020. Although revenue goals may have gotten off track and difficult decisions were made, it is time to look forward and refocus your strategy for the new year. Despite challenges, this year has changed business for the long term, some may argue for the better.

3 areas that 2020 has impacted business for the better:

  1. Good, personalized customer experience is recognized and appreciated more than ever before. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.
  2. The shift to conscious or purpose-driven business is growing tremendously! Mission-driven, purposeful companies are thriving and dominating the marketplace because they are investing in what genuinely fulfills them, their work. Founder-led companies are accelerating and leading this trend.
  3. Supply chains are shorter and more regionalized. Currently, this may disrupt the flow of some businesses however, over time, this will make the process expedited and more efficient.

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Alongside these impacts, trends have once again shifted. It’s no surprise that 2021 will look very different when it comes to rebuilding and prioritizing your strategy for profitable growth.

Here are 5 marketing trends to keep top of mind:

  1. Authenticity is Key– This trend has been circling around for a while but 2020 brought it to the surface. Building an authentic relationship with your customers is so much more impactful than many realize. Buyers are smarter and read right through a cold call or traditional sales pitch. They would much rather connect with someone, such as an influencer, that they trust or gradually build familiarity with the product or company before purchasing. This also has to do with the fact that Millennials and Gen X make up a good portion of the consumer market and are very research-driven in their buying decisions. In fact, 8 out of 10 Millennials read a review first before buying.
  2. Interactive Content– The pandemic has left many consumers bored at home and looking for engaging, fun content from their favorite brands. Although this trend has been around for some time, it is being used now more than ever. Interactive content may include things such as content, quizzes, downloadables, virtual demos, polls, or engaging videos. Some of these tools can also be leveraged to capture lead information and share something of value with your potential buyers at a later time.
  3. SEO Continues to Dominate– With a growing trend in artificial intelligence and voice search, SEO should continue to be at the forefront of your marketing initiatives in the new year. For starters, ensure your Google Business Listing is up to date and optimized. Additionally, your website should be mobile friendly, and if you sell a product, exploring e-commerce platforms are critical. Here is a list of things to keep in mind in order to ensure an effective SEO strategy. Tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Keyword Planner continue to grow in popularity further enhancing this trend.
  4. Video Content Will Be Standard– According to recent studies, 70% of buyers will watch some sort of video throughout their buying journey while conducting research. Companies who master short (2-3 minute) guerilla style videos will be very effective in 2021. Coupled with that, webinars will be intensely useful for B2B companies. For B2C companies, having influencers and existing customers create user-generated content, whether it’s reviews, testimonials, or sharing their experience will also be beneficial.
  5. Social Media Will Drive Sales– Up to this point, social media has been commonly used for discovery and as a way to preview a business. But now, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are making it easier for consumers to purchase products without ever leaving the platform. Creating a seamless path for your consumers to move through the buying process will be critical. Also, on that note, it is time for brands to select their top platforms and declutter. With so many options out there, it is not effective to spread your strategy thin.

Amongst all, there is one area that will have a drastic impact on companies across the board and that involves this “new norm.” Remote working has become widespread causing communication and connectivity to become disrupted. Going into the new year, companies need to prioritize their employees and drive engagement including providing support for their physical and mental health and wellness. Adopting solutions such as the one offered by b.well Connected Health will assist in closing this gap.

If you are looking to grow your brand in 2021, Promote On Purpose is here to help! For more information, contact us today.

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